When Homemaking service isn’t enough How’s Work chore workers can help make a difference with chore services. From heavy cleaning, scrubbing, trash pickup, to assistance with packing boxes, Chore workers can provide aid for elders in challenging conditions. Chore workers can provide a deep clean to prepare a home for ongoing home care services or can assist on an ongoing basis with situations that require heavy cleaning. How’s Work Chore workers are provided with the cleaning supplies needed.

  • Heavy cleaning
  • Deep scrubbing
  • Scrubbing walls
  • Scrubbing floors
  • Interior windows
  • Clean oven
  • Defrost refrigerator
chore services
heavy cleaning

Chore workers cannot use ladders, do not have carpet cleaner machines, and cannot provide yard or outdoor work. How’s Work cannot remove trash off the client premises. Trash disposal arrangements (permission, dumpster, removal service) are the client’s responsibility to arrange ahead of time. Chore service availability can be limited, scheduling may be based on worker availability.

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