Extended and around the clock (24/7) care allows your loved one to age gracefully in place in their own home for as long as possible. With this type of service, a licensed professional Home Health Aide or CNA (or more than one, if they work in shifts) is with the client at all times, providing seamless continuity of services. We provide awake overnight service, the aide will be present and available for a client’s needs at any time. These aides can assist with morning and evening bed routines, personal care, dressing, meal preparation, feeding, bathing, toilet use, and socialization. For elders with more advanced care needs or those who cannot be alone, extended or 24/7 care provides them and their families with a measure of comfort and security.

Choosing extended care for a loved one is a significant decision for elders and their families, please call us to discuss the ways How’s Work can help with your extended care needs.

Things to know about extended care: 

  • We can create a schedule around your needs, from several hours every day to round the clock care
  • We can work around other care schedules like adult day health, or provide caregiver respite as needed
  • A typical extended care case requires a team of caregivers, usually 2-3 aides working in 8-12 hour shifts
  • All overnight aide shifts are “awake” shifts regardless of the time of day
  • Extended care cases are supervised by company RNs
  • We strive to find compatible caregivers who can provide consistency of care

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